Materials for the Classroom


#Why this quest? Some new teachers are not aware of the equipment that can be useful/necessary for their classroom. This quest is for you to explore options of what you have available to you.

##Smart Boards Depending on what type of board you will use will determine how you conduct class. There are several classrooms that are now equipped with an interactive whiteboard. However, there are still schools that are unable to provide these for their classrooms. If you already know that you will be working in a school system that provides a smart board, you should begin to look into how to effectively use a smart board in your content area. If you are unsure, you should look into this as well. If you know that you will not be provided with a smart board, then for the sake of this exercise, you will also discover things about the interactive whiteboard in your content area (in hopes that you will soon get one).

##Student Center All students will at some point need to sharpen their pencil, blow their nose, or turn in the work. If you are like me, you cannot keep all of that stuff on your desk. I know my desk gets messy just from my stuff, so adding on student’s things as well will only cause me to stress out and probably loose someone’s work. So, make a student center. This will be a spot in the room where the students can go to for missed work, turning in homework, grabbing a tissue or anything else that you deem fit to stick in their corner.

##Class Projects Many classes participate in active learning. This will mean that you as a teacher will plan out how to be active. In the past, I have tried to plan a project the day before (or even 15 mins before) and collect all of the materials that I need. This is rough and unpredictable. I suggest that you have a stash of construction paper, markers, sharpies, etc. on hand when your imagination springs a great idea!


  • The Can Over the last few years, I have found that speakers are a necessity in the classroom. You want some (one) that is easy to plug in and go! I personally have purchased the can speaker and it reaches across my classroom easily.
  • PowerPoint clicker I recently moved my desk to the back corner of my room along with the cord that connects my computer to the projector. Since I did that, it was crucial that I purchased a clicker. It was fairly inexpensive and included a laser! (Great for me, not so great when the students got a hold of it.) This saved a lot of time and effort, having to walk back to my desk to change the slide every time.
  • External Hard drive I work a LOT on my school computer. However, this is not the only computer I use. I would recommend that you purchase some type of USB/extra memory piece that will allow you to save your work on something other than the computer. This will make switching computers easy and you will avoid a panic when your computer might choose to not turn on one day… If you fear that you will lose this external hard drive, work through the quest, Back it up! for some other options. The quest Portable Apps might interest you at this stage as well

##What to do: Reply as linked topic, with #materials and complete the following:

  1. Find an activity that you can use on a Smart Board and post the link to the activity here.
  2. Between creating a Student Center and Preparing for a Class Project, describe the materials that you would need to properly pull off the one that you choose.
  3. List 3 pieces of technology that you will use in your classroom. Then explain if you have already purchased, been given, or need to purchase this piece of equipment.

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