Maximum size of uploads


Not sure I have the lingo right, but my students want to be able to embed files besides just images into their posts. What is the load limit of my site based on the monthly fee I’m paying - is it okay if students do this to some extent?


If you mean that they want to be able to upload files to your server (i.e., drag-and-drop them into posts in Discourse) then you need to do a bit of math, but you’ve used about 343MB with all of your Discourse database and uploads. Uploads alone now are just 44MB. You can comfortably use 10-15 more GB, so you should be fine to let them upload all the docx and pdf files they want. For a frame of reference, all of my PDFs that I’ve collected over the past 20 years are only 2.3GB. If they aren’t uploading video, you should be totally fine.

Since people are using Dropbox already, they can get “public links” of dropbox files and insert those links. The advantage of dropbox links is that the link will point to the latest version of the file.

I don’t know why that doesn’t display prettier. Here’s what a google doc looks like (the the link pasted on a line by itself).

(apparently, it’s a big blank space. Sometimes it’ll insert a thumbnail.)

here’s a PDF on google drive.


This is helpful! Hm, since Youtube seems to cut down the resolution of every video I upload, maybe I will put the videos in Dropbox instead and link to them from there.


Well, it does it for a reason. Those guys are pretty good at the whole streaming video thing. Does it make your videos look bad? That compression stuff is a real PITA & continually changing. You might need to compress your videos intentionally with Handbrake before you upload them to youtube (and they could be too huge for Dropbox).

I’d recommend consulting some local video guru if you have access to one. I have tried hard not to learn about video and have done a pretty good job.


That makes two of us - I avoid video like the plague. I wish the resolution was better than this:

But not sure I’m going to be able to figure out how to make it better.