Moodle Formative Assessment


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I want to be sure that I understand the Moodle assessment assignment. Are we supposed to add an assessment to the course that we already created? Or, should we create another course and add an assessment?


Thanks for asking @tmroland, I had the same question.


It doesn’t matter to me what course it’s in.

I would love it if this were the most confusing thing about this challenge.

I’m more concerned about the fact that I think to see your assessment someone will have to have an account lb your Moodle. I probably should set up my own for everyone to use, but then there is the problem if setting up accounts.


@pfaffman - I have an assessment created and can’t seem get access as a guest. I gave all the permissions to guest to see and take the quiz (the same ones a student would have), but still unable to take the assessment logged in as a guest. I’m looking for help if you got any? Thanks.


Sigh. Yeah. I need to get on this. I think that what I should have done is made people learn to import users in an earlier challenge so that everyone would have an account on everyone else’s Moodle. Another way to do it (that’s sounding more feasible) would be for me to create accounts for everyone on my Moodle and then give them author rights to a course.

I’m working on it.


Oh, and it’s worse than I thought, as the challenge that was posted wasn’t even finish. A thousand apologies.

As @acwetter points out:

I created accounts for everyone on my Moodle. Your option is to either move your assessment to my Moodle (there is a means to export and import them) or to create an account (or accounts) for people to use on your Moodle.

I’m working now on a way that you can have your Moodle authenticate against mine. We’ll see how much trouble it is to configure.


Let me know how do we authenticate our moodle against mine. I was also thinking of registering some student x and giving a password that could be used to access my account. Alex Wetter


I figured it out! I’ll post instructions later this morning. You just need to click a few boxes and enter my Moodle address and after that, people who have logged in to my Moodle are authenticated on yours.


OUTSTANDING! I will follow your instructions!

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