My Final Project is Complete!- Nixon



My Final Project can be viewed on my blog. After completing my EDM 510 Literature computing course, I have learned valuable tools and resources to use in my class this upcoming year. I will be able to have a variety of social media avenues to enhance my learning environment. In order to get a jump start on my school year, I have decided to formulate lesson plans that incorporate various programs and social medial resources for my final project. I have included all four lesson plans that will include a simple rubric for grading; Twitter post about a reading story, Google Docs math lesson, Blogging assignment summarizing the Three Branches of Government Article, and All About Me Digital Story Teller activity. Each lesson plan was created in the USA lesson plan format as well as the ALEX format. All plans have been submitted to ALEX for approval.

I really had a great time learning how to use all of the different media resources. As painfully as some of the assignments seemed, each assignment produced a better understanding of technology resources, language, and how to appropriately utilize the tools in an elementary class. By placing my lesson plans on ALEX, I even learned how their lesson plans are formatted and the requirements to upload plans to ALEX.

Submitting lesson plans to ALEX will require approval. Therefore, I have provided links to ALEX on my blog to view the lesson plans, if possible. I am also providing pictures of my lesson plan submissions to ALEX.

ALEX Links

Twitter Lesson Plan ALEX Link Twitter Lesson Plan Blog Link

Google Docs ALEX Link Google Docs Lesson Plan Blog Link

All About Me Digital Story ALEX Plan All About Me Digital Story Blog Link Plan

Technology/ Social Studies WordPress Blog ALEX Link
Technology/ Social Studies WordPress Blog Blog Link


This looks great!

Please add links here to your lesson plans on the ALEX site. The links won’t work yet, but they will when your lesson plans get approved.

Also (and you don’t have to change this) PDFs are usually preferable to .docx and HTML files (unless you know that someone needs to edit them, in which case PDF is a horrible format!)


@pfaffman Okay. So I’m clear. Are you saying that I need to add my Alex links to my project completion page???


Thanks, I made the following changes. Here is the project link to verify the changes. @pfaffman I added the ALEX Links.

@pfaffman I also added the saved PDF’s of each USA format lesson plan to my blog.