Not so much success: Library Usage Outside the Library

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@pfaffman what do I do when it has had a “Server Problem” for 2 days straight now? Here is what I keep running in to.

On the bright side, I did the configurations right, but I do not have the Google Scholar button, so it is pretty pointless.

Any help and suggestions for this would be great.

@amcdaniels, I tried to look super closely at the screenshot you provided. This may sound preposterous, but have you ensured that you’re signed into your gmail account? When I clicked on the link provided in the instructions, my gmail account appeared in the top right corner. I noticed that yours wasn’t there. I apologize if this sounds absurd, but it may be worth a try.

Thanks, @cturner. That’s a good guess. I deleted and installed it yesterday workout any trouble.

Maybe try that @amcdaniels.

Thank you so much. I feel like an idiot now. I fixed it.

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You don’t need to feel like an idiot. You do need to edit your original post to show that you figured it out.

@pfaffman I made a new posting with the title Success: Google Scholar and EZProxy, explaining that I corrected my mistake, thanked @cturner for the guidance, and did what was required there. Do I have to edit this post saying all that again?

Oops. My bad. If you posted in #edm510-2016:edm510s16-completions then that’s fine. I read too fast and didn’t notice this was in #edm510-2016:edm510-s16-help.