Poetry, Raps, a Jabberwocky and a Lesson plan walk into Class



Continuing the discussion from EDM510 2016 Summer Final Project:

My final project was a two-day mini-unit on poetry and technology. My aim was to include technology into a topic I already teach, in order to really apply the technology I have learned in this course to my occupation. As such, I needed to make a lesson that fluidly incorporated technology into the lesson without becoming the dominant focus of the day, as that should remain on the content I am trying to teach. While the lesson plans themselves don’t seem technology focused at first, the basis for these lessons hinges on both the teacher and the student’s ability to take the technology given to them and to use it to their advantage, in order to make the learning experiences richer and more relevant. I also annotated my own poem examples ahead of time using Diigo (picture included on my blog because not everyone has an account) and my own example video of a narrated presentation, including pictures, so my students can see the impact presentation of literature changes the way it is interpreted. These, while not always text words, represent a significant amount of time in learning to use the technology, making it functional for this lesson, and publishing it so it can be used by others in the future. The links to ALEX, as well as pictures, and links to the videos I both published and used are located on my [blog] (http://sydniholm.com/uncategorized/lesson-plans-poetry-and-rap/)

Actual ALEX links for when they are posted part 1 and part 2 Below, is the MS Word copy of my two day unit, for any who wish to see. Poetry and Technology_Lesson Plan.docx (136.8 KB)


I like your insight into connecting poetry and rap to make it more relevant to students :). Good luck this year!


This looks great!

If you’d made PDFs of the ALEX pages they’d look a bit better, but we can tell from your HTML documents what’s there.

Please add links to the (now broken) ALEX pages so that when your lesson plans are approved we can see them from here.


I believe I did this correctly. Because they aren’t approved, I can’t open them in an incognito window, but they opened on my current browser!


Hooray! That’s exactly right!