Question about Podcast Quest

I know what I want to do for my podcast but am not sure if I can use what I found. While googling my particular topic, I found a step by step explanation of the topic already written out on a website. If I reference the website in my podcast would it be okay to read it as written. I want to act like I am a spokes person for that particular company. Would that be OK or is that not OK because I did not get permission from them to do it?

I’m intrigued about what it is that you want to read. I don’t quite know whether it’s OK or not. It might depend somewhat on whose site it is. You might ask them if it’s OK.

But you have to give us the URL.

I will include the URL. It actually has a shareable link. I googled a lesson I did with my second graders and found this sight. I am not very good at creating podcasts because I hate my voice. I will feel more comfortable doing this so I will give it a shot.

Everyone hates hearing their voice recorded. One reason is that your voice sounds different when you are not hearing it from the inside of your head as you do when talking. The other, that I notice when I hear myself sing, is that every little pause, lilt, or scratch sounds so much worse when you know it’s recorded for eternity.