Required Software



There are certain software tools and skills that anyone who uses a computer for more than a couple hours a week should be familiar with. If you use a computer only a few times a week, it is probably fine if you spend an extra few seconds or even minutes accomplishing simple tasks, but you probably are not that person.

Install Chrome and Firefox

Virtually no one who is competent at computing uses their OS’s standard browser for the bulk of their web browsing.

Gmail Tips

If you use Gmail for more than an hour a week, it is worth your time to learn to use it better. This challenge has some things that will help you to be able to handle email more effectively.

Taking Screen Shots

If you ever want to be able to ask for help with something that you cannot make work, or provide examples to help someone else, knowing how to take screen shots is an essential skill.

Sharing Documents with Dropbox and Google Drive

Do you know any people? Do you think that you might ever want to share with them some document that you have created? If so, you should check out this Challenge: