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Here is a link to my [ blog] (

You all should read my blog it is awesome and a good read

Here is an APA citation to my article and a link.

Florio, C. M. (2016). From Poverty to Slavery: Abolitionists, Overseers, and the Global Struggle for Labor in India. The Journal of American History, Volume 102(4), 1005-1024. doi:10.1093/jahist/jav677

First, I have to give credit to [ Son of Citation] ( because I needed to know how to create an APA citation. I am use to doing footnotes and Chicago style. I searched through articles and this one caught my attention because it in the area of classes I am taking right now for my social studies credits. I may also use this article in the future while teaching history. I think everyone will find my blog and this article interesting .


The article and blog post are fine.

You didn’t italicize the journal and volume.

Your URL is through the USA proxy server, which is not OK for a citation.

The article has a DOI. You should use it instead of the “Retrieved from” stuff.


I found the DOI. I think I have what you are wanting for this assignment.


@steven23 I’m sending you a picture to help you with citations. Look for my arrow in the picture. When you click the cite button it should give you options on the different ways to cite. Just copy and paste the one you need. Also here is a link to the [Perdue Owl] ( “Perdue Owl”). It has everything you need to know.

Hope this hepls


The APA citation is still wrong.


Thanks for this. This is a big help but you selected the MLA rather than the APA citation.

The APA citation looks pretty darn close. The only caveat is that you need to re-italicize the journal name and volume. (I don’t make up these rules, and find them arbitrary and capricious, but at least some of you need to be familiar with this, so you are all subjected to it.)


@pfaffman- That is just how the window comes up. MLA is hilighted when you pull it up. You have to select a different one. I’ll redo the pictuure because it is misleading. I used APA for mine. Thanks!


You are kind to your colleagues!


Thanks. Changed the picture. Hope it helps people.


You’ve got the number and page numbers italicized. Fix it if you want. But I already :heart:ed this, so . . .


Also, I did not have a grade for this assignment in the grade book.


This is a good tool I have ever used for citing or if you want citation in more styles so use asa citation generator. The generator gives all citation styles and formats in one place and it’s easy to use.