Research: What's Happening in Your Field?



Why This Quest

You want to say:

  • I can identify new and significant research in my field.
  • I can cite and link to current research such that my colleagues can find articles that I think they should read.

What To Do

You should already have identified two journals important to your field. Now you will find something in those journals that is interesting to you. You should also have learned to use your library proxy server.

You should almost certainly draw from the two journals that you found before.

When exploring a journal that you are not familiar with (if you can’t name an article in a particular journal, or know whether a particular article might be a good fit for that journal, then you’re not “familiar with it.”), the best thing to do is to read the titles and abstracts of the past 2-5 years to see what questions, issues, data, and methodologies are published there. Hopefully, in the course of doing so, you will find at least a few articles that you actually want to read.

If in looking at the work in the journals you selected when you identified two journals you find nothing of interest to you, you have three choices:

  1. Find other journals in that field.
  2. Find another field.
  3. Lie and say that something interests you when it, in fact, does not.

The last option is included not as a recommendation, but it is included for completeness. Options 1 and 2 are much preferred.

Evidence of Completion

After you find an article that you find interesting, you should read it, write 300-500 words about it on your blog, including a proper citation and link to the original article. The Owl’s APA page is a good place for APA guidelines (and myriad other issues important to grad students).

Reply-as-linked-topic to copy this conversation to your course’s Completions category and tag with #finding-research (get the finding research badge!). Include in your post here:

  1. a link to your blog post
  • a citation and link to the article
  • How you decided what article to write about
  • A “teaser” encouraging people to read your post

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