Scavenger hunt or tasks to do in Discourse


Other than the badges, is there a scavenger hunt or list of activities for students to do to become familiar with discourse? How about a video tutorial or something like that?



Many of those badges are new, and I like that they give the student immediate feedback about whether they did the thing. Here are some of my start-of-course challenges. You might take a gander at other stuff in #quests:essentials, too.

My summer courses start May 31, so I’ll be tweaking these a bit Real Soon Now. I’ll probably also see about making a mini-syllabus for this kind of “Getting Students Started” stuff too.

There’s a badge for this one, but you probably want to provide some frame for what you want people to put in their profile.



Is there a way for me to edit some of these for my purposes/pull them into my course, or do I just need to recreate them?



There’s not currently an easy way to import them; I’m working on that. For now, Flag the ones that you want as “something else” and I"ll copy them over for you.

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