How to Tell if a Journal is Bogus


How to Tell if A Journal is Bogus

  • Check the publisher on

  • See the about this journal page. Do they charge author fees?. Reputable journals in Education and the Humanities do not charge author fees.

Here is what searching for that publisher finds:

Want more proof of the problem?

This is a growing problem. The following not-safe-for-work article tells the story of a paper entitled “Get me off your inappropriate word list” getting published.




What the Open-Access Movement Doesn’t Want You to Know; sadly, their site doesn’t provide a nice onebox.

But People Hate Real Publishers Too

There are several cases of respected journals leaving their corporate publishers.

Can I just trust what I find on the library’s search?

The article that caused me to write this a student found in my library’s database. The student assumed that articles in the database were legit. The bogus journal is indexed both in ERIC and EBSCO. Just great. Here is what Scholarlyoa has to say:

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