Software: Video Editing



Creating and Editing Video

Check out this tutorial about video editing. See also, this list of Six tools for creating Videos on a Chromebook (at least most of which should work in Chrome on other OSs).

What everyone must know about shooting video (a too-short list)

If you use your phone to shoot video, remember that people will be watching your video in landscape (short and fat) not portrait (tall and thin), so you should hold your phone that way when you shoot it.

What to do:

Make a short video that does one of the following:

  • introduces yourself to your students or their parents
  • describes an academic paper (as in the “Stopwatch Science” in the Audacity Challenge
  • demonstrates how to use some piece of software
  • demonstrates some other process
  • something else

What to include:

Your video should include the following:

  • at least two different segments (you can’t just do the video in a single take)
  • b-roll
  • music
  • at least one page of credits

Evidence of Success

Post your video somewhere that will allow you to embed it here and embed it here so that we can play your video without leaving this site. (If you posted it on your blog, you can include that link too!)

Tag your post with #making-movies.

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