Success: AVL and Britannica


I’ve never went to AVL or Britannica which are great resources. I’ve did lesson plans on bees and plants and these resources offer some good material on these things. I’m glad I saw this.

This is the link for my links that I found interesting in AVL and Britannica:

This is the link where I collected 5 resources from 3 different content types:


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Curious. The Bees link doesn’t work. It’s even more curious, because if I copy the URL and paste it into the web browser (rather than clicking on it in the PDF), it works.

Why is everyone pasting their links into PDFs rather than posting them here?

Hey Dr. Pfaffman I believe that everyone is pasting PDF’s here because in the instructions that were given for the assignment it states to make it a PDF. That is where all if the confusion is lying. It would’ve been easier just to paste the direct link here but the class was under the assumption due to the directions that it needed to be a PDF. -Jennifer

But what I see is

Evidence of Completion

When you have completed the above you should have:

  1. persistent link and name for resource 1 from AVL
  2. persistent link and name for resource 2 from AVL
  3. persistent link and name for resource 1 from Britannica
  4. persistent link and name for resource 2 from Britannica
  5. PDF of your Britannica collection containing at least 5 resources from of 3 different content types

Only the last says the pdf. Oh! Is it because that last thing says a PDF that everyone thinks that all of the stuff should be in PDFs? Is that it?

I’m so glad that you think it would be easier to have pasted the links in here. I’m so sad that you thought I’d make you do something that was extra work.