Success: Capstone Lesson Plan & Lesson



Continuing the discussion from Capstone Cobra-cats:

Three cheers for the Cobra Cats! This was a fun project, and I enjoyed working with my team. We all worked together to decide on our lesson and choose the poem for our example video. I ordered a tripod and mic for the introductions that came in handy for this project as well. We shot all of our video and recorded our poem readings on an iPhone.

I contributed to the Lesson Plan, helped source photos for our slideshow, helped write the script for our lesson video, helped shoot our videos, and even loaned a teammate a shirt.

Thank you, Dr. Pfaffman! I enjoyed EDM310. I’m a better student for having taken this course, and, I will, no doubt, be a better teacher for it as well.

##Capstone Learning Exercise Deliverables

###Part A

  1. Two-minute video, Technology in the Classroom: A Brief Reflection.

  2. Blog Post/Reflective Essay, Teaching in the Digital Age: My Philosophy.

  3. Team Cobra Cat

  4. Edited Video of Lesson, The Poem as Artifact.

  5. Lesson Plan PDF.

  6. Lesson PowerPoint Slideshow.

  7. Lesson PPt, Photo Source File.

  8. Example Poem Video, “The Old Neighborhood” by Andrea Carter Brown.

  9. Presentation PPt Slideshow.

  10. Lesson Script.