Success: Collaborative Wiki-ing (I think...)



Continuing the discussion from Collaboratively Building Discussion in your Wiki:

I am going to echo some other folks in this class and say that this quest was something of a challenge. In my opinion, the most troublesome part was just a lack of clear direction(s) about how to collaborate and complete this assignment correctly (perhaps that was by design, but it sure made me a bit squirmy!). In any case, my group (@Lynn_Williams, @Jude, and @MaryAnn) used a wiki which Lynn put together to collaborate on our papers:, and my review is posted there with all of the input which the other group members contributed. I also posted the paper to my own wiki just to be sure that I was following the directions (I think?) for this quest: I’ve included a link on that post back to the group wiki to provide evidence of the group’s collaboration. If you need a join code to view my wiki, it’s KFFKXTF (it expires on July 14, btw).

I do want to say thanks to @clmitchell for asking for clarification about how to turn in this assignment. I was wondering the same thing!



Yes, it was ambiguous by design, for two reasons.

  1. Part of collaborating is figuring out how to collaborate.
  2. I had no idea how to collaborate, so I figured I’d make it your problem.

Part of my not prescribing exactly how to collaborate means that you can pretty much do whatever you want. What you did seems like collaboration to me. Maybe being “Squirmy” made you work harder somehow? If that’s the case, then maybe I should try to figure out how to write “squirmy” assignments.

I think if this class were face-to-face then such a vague assignment might have worked better, as you’d ask a few questions in class, and I’d shrug and say “Go ahead, figure something out,” and you would.

A number of things in this wiki assignment did not work very well, and, other than some things about Wikipedia, I think I’ll dump most of it.


:joy: Your number 2 made me LOL.


Well, that’s a relief. What with evaluations coming up and all.