Success: edm 510 final project! i made it guys!



Continuing the discussion from EDM510 2016 Summer Final Project:

OMG! So i chose to do a moodle account for my final project and it has been both tedious yet fun! Is that even possible!

It took so long for me to figure out how to get an admin page on moodle. But of course the same way we did wordpress!!! It took me a minute to use my brain and the stuff i learned in this course but I did figure it out… on my own at that!!!

After finally getting this admin page figured out, I began exploring the moodle site to figure out what i wanted to do and how to do it.

I figured out how to download free themes for moodle and how to set up boxes displaying what i wanted students to see and where. I also figured out how to upload assignments.

I have two courses on my moodle. Geometry is the class that has assignments and announcements added to it. I went ahead and made a picture for a second course that i literally just found out i was teaching which is Algebra with Finance. So i will be adding things to that course between now and school starting.

I was so nervous coming into this class after dropping it twice before, it was alot of work and I don’t know if i would’ve been able to do it if i was working. I had a few mishaps come up this summer that had me held up at hospitals this summer but overall the set up of this course and the understanding of @pfaffman I was able to make it through EDM FINALLY!!!

I hope you guys love my moodle site!!! I DO!!! if you have any pointers for my students please let me know!!

The website is

The username is: guestuser Password: GuestUser1!


Please make your link here such that we can click it.


I’m sorry. I fixed it.


Congrats finishing EDM510 - it is a tough one! I love the idea of a website with all the syllabus info that students can continue to reference throughout the year. Good luck this school year!


This looks good.

It looks like you figured out how to create assignments and forums and upload files. I don’t see that you learned much about Moodle’s other features like quizzes (or other things that I outlined on the Moodle Challenge page.

This looks like a good start for building a course in the future!


OMG! where was this page when I was looking for how to do this! lol Well i will definitely be adding quizzes to moodle. Do i need to do that now for the project. I change up quizzes based on a few different factors of my students that I don’t know yet, but i can make one for the project if need be.


@pfaffman you liked my reply but didn’t respond. Do i need to make a quiz? And i think a glossary is the only thing i didn’t have that was on the page. Do i need to make these two for the project?


Please add a quick quiz just to show that you see how they work.


I have added a quick 3 question quiz just to play around with it. I’m kind of glad you required me to go back because I didn’t think it would have required so much. Those 3 questions took me a lot longer than when i made my own tests by hand. I’m going to keep playing around and of course make better quizzes for my students.


Glad you figured it out!

The best way to create quizzes is to use the (and I can’t remember the words that Moodle uses) thing that is sort of like Markdown to enter the questions all at once. (At least I think Moodle does this and I’m not confusing it with Sakai).


I will definitely look for that. All i saw was choosing to pick the types of question i wanted to ask and an option to select random question that i would’ve previously used i’m assuming.