Success: Group Wiki Project


Here is the link to the specific page on my Wiki with my article response: You may need this code to access: CTPD7X7.

Only one of my group members has edited it so far, but I did send them all the link yesterday. I have also edited each of my group members’ essays. I have emailed you about the one group member’s article that is on my page. I’ll let you go with that however you wish!

I think explicit instructions is the key. I know at this level in our education that we should be able to run with things like this, but when you’re working with so many people, things get convoluted. I immediately emailed the members of my group as well as shared my phone number to suggest group texting. I also flagged them in all of my posts on literate computing. The group never took the hook (so to speak), so it ended up being an even more frustrating project trying to figure it out for myself AND trying to get everyone on the same page within my group. I’m not knocking my group members, which it may appear that I am. They’re so sharp! I loved reading their articles. I learned a lot from this experience. I would have never thought I would be a fan of Wiki, but I am…for educational, personal and work purposes.