Success: I created a blog!

I have created my blog. I decided to use Blogger because I talked with a few other people in education that had previously used the blogging app and got overall good feedback about the app. In addition to the feedback, one of my close friends used it as well therefore could possibly be of help if I stumble across any questions. This task was fairly simple once I overcame the issue I was encountering with G-Mail. When you first go to G-Mail on your personal computer, (if you have multiple google accounts) all of the accounts that you have added to the page will come up. In my experience, if the jagmail school account is added, it will not allow you to create a blog, using the blogger app. In order to fix this issue I removed my jagmail account from my list, created my blog account, and then added the jagmail back to the list. It does not delete the jagmail account, but only removes it from your list of accounts that come up on

Here is my blogger web address as well as the link to visit my blog:

The link you provided works only for you, or people who have access to manage that blog. Please delete that link and provide a link to your blog, either by adding http:// in front of the domain name you provided or by using the markdown to create a link, like this:

[My blog](

Alternately, you can use the editor’s link icon, which embeds the link in a different way, which I find annoying, but since I don’t (often) edit your posts, you’re welcome to use that way if you want.