Success..I Hope: Wiki

Evidence of Success

Part One

This Wiki would be very useful when it comes to lesson planning. It provides an ample amount of tools such as AudioBooks, literacy tools, math tools, writing tools, graphic organizers and much more! There are so many links under each tool that leads you to a more specific tool.

This Wiki would be useful for professional development on rigorous instruction. It provides so much information on differentiating instruction, which is a HUGE deal, using data for planning, assessment, and much more learning opportunities.

This Wiki provides different types of literacy skill information and resources, essential questioning, and resources for the Common Core Standards. I could see myself using the fluency resources such as a chucked phrases and rubrics that are provided on this wiki.

Part Two

This part was a little tough for me, because I could only seem to find the recent members that joined the wikis that I chose except for this specific wiki. I found this interesting because the it shows me the revisions in which the old was crossed out in red and the revision was underlined in green. This feature would be helpful for a teacher to see who is actually doing their work and who is not.

Part 3