Success: Nobler to Wiki

Part 1:

This wiki is from an elementary school and on the home screen you can choose your grade level. Once I clicked on my grade level, which is third grade it gives you a variety of resources to use during science lessons and also some really good activities to do with your students. I chose this wiki because it has some really good resources that I could use to teach my students certain content skills that are required.

This wiki is all about math. On the left side of the home page you can choose your grade level. Once you do that, it gives you a lot of math resources you could use for math centers or in small groups. It also provides a list of vocabulary words you would use and teach about during math. I chose this wiki because I could use all of the resources while teaching different skills to my students and put these resources in my math center and use them to help with small groups during math time.

This wiki is great for reading comprehension and reading strategies. It gives teachers a variety of resources such as free reading comprehension passages to share with your students, videos on how to teach reading comprehension and how to teach for meaning. I chose this wiki because this would be a very good resource for me to use when trying to teach reading comprehension skills and it will help me to teach good reading strategies.

This wiki is about classroom management. It gives very good resources on what classroom management is, cause of bad behavior, solutions, and approaches for administrators. I chose this wiki because it is very good know which way to go and knowing the dos and don’ts. It also help you figure out those triggers and how to avoid bad behavior in the classroom.

Part 2:

The Giving Tree: “Difference between revisions”

I find this very interesting and amusing because you can see how it in written in both forms. I also like the fact that is shows you what was changes and you can see that some symbols were replace with words or vice versa. It also shows how the smallest world was changed into a bigger word. This is also interesting because I never knew this existed. I learn something new every day from this class. =)

Part 3:

Here is the link to my Wiki. Here is the code to get on my Wiki. It will expire July 14, 2015.(X9DQKXK) This is also the join link.

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