Success: The Collaborative (if somewhat punted) Wiki Discussion


Continuing the discussion from Collaboratively Building Discussion in your Wiki:

Truth be told, now that I understand the assignment, I forget why it was that I found it so confusing in the first place. I read through all of the information you gave us on wikis, created a wiki page, and skimmed through countless wiki sites, but the essence of the wiki wasn’t “clicking” if that makes any sense. Everything I read on the subject wasn’t grounded in any sort of practical experience. And, more truth be told, I’m not even sure now how we would have collaboratively worked on writing four different papers from four different articles. Maybe assigning each grouping one article and having each group write a collective response on one wiki would work better next time given the time (and, at least my, comprehension) constraints.

Although, with my newfound understanding, there are some ideas regarding how this quest might have been successfully completed beginning to percolate through my brain. However, being very NOT 21st-century technology savvy, it would have required a lot of meetings via skype and/or conference calls with my fellow collaborators. If anything, this quest has shown me how very little I know about working on group projects, which I know is unacceptable in this day and age for a teacher. On a more positive note, this is a professional deficiency that I now know to work towards improving!

Without further ado, my collaboratively punted Wiki.


Nice work with misspelling things on purpose to get someone to help out! :smile: