Success with Social Bookmarking



Continuing the discussion from Social Bookmarking: Finding and Sharing:

Before I began this assignment, I searched and found several lists of good social bookmarking sites. I also looked at what classmates had used. In the end, I decided to go with Bookmarkee, Delicious, and Pocket. I mainly went with the recommendations of classmates. They were all fairly easy to set up and use, and I could see myself utilizing any of them in a classroom setting.

My Bookmarkee list and screenshot:

My Deliious list and screenshot:

My Pocket list and screenshot:

I would recommend any of these sites for ease of use. I found adding URLs to be very simple with all of these. I especially liked the categories that Bookmarkee divided the sites into. It made it very simple to find what you wanted quickly, and might be helpful to guide students to the type of information they need quickly.

I can see myself using social bookmarking sites with older students, as a spot where they can go to find links to information covered in class. This could be useful in any subject area. It could also be useful for guiding younger students in research projects. You could narrow down the information sources for them, then have them check the bookmark list, and do further exploration in class. As a librarian, these sites could also be useful to guide students to different library blogs, reviews, etc. that may be of interest to them.