Summer Final Project



Continuing the discussion from The Fruits of Your Labor: EDM510 Summer 2016 Final Project!:

For my final project I chose to do two parts. The first one being to create a Donors Choose project. With this, I am hoping to raise enough funds to be able to receive four new tablets for my students to use in my classroom. We are a Bring Your Own Device school and this past year I discovered that there were several students that did not have one to bring. So, I wanted to make sure that this year I would have enough to go around. I have four iPods in my classroom now, but the tablets I am hoping to get are much more kid friendly. Here is a link to my Donors Choose site: Donors Choose

For the second part of my project, I decided to create a classroom website. Here my students’ parents will be able to access important information, weekly newsletter, and stay up to date on the happenings in the classroom. I also hope to actively use this website for my students to post videos and work for their parents to see.

Ms. Curd’s Classroom Website


Nice job! I hope your Donors Choose program goes well, I’ve seen a lot of teachers use that. Good luck next year!


This looks great!

This is a case where a link is better than a screen shot. You really should have included this link so that everyone could see (and fund!) your project:

Your Remind page should always link to your remind site. The first link is to the home page, which will likely confuse some people.

It’s great that you subbed while you were in school. I’ve long believed that having pre-service teachers sub would give them increased insights into what life in the classroom was really like!

Hmm. You don’t seem to have any important dates:

All of your posts are as “Admin”, not a very friendly name for Ms. Curd.

I hope that your grant gets funded and your class blog serves you well! You might want to move it to your main page; it can be a little tricky, but the Reclaim Hosting people will give you a hand, I’m sure.


Thank you for the advice on those few things in my website. I created an author account for it as Ms. Curd, that seemed more parent friendly. I also added the link for my Donors Choose website!