Supplemental Work


#Why this Quest?

One of the hardest parts from my first year, was finding the exact worksheets/projects that I could access quickly. Especially when I had a student come to me that asked for more practice. Yes! I had a student actually WANT to work more MATH problems!! So, this quest is designed for you to do some investigating.

I do not want to put too many restrictions on this, because I want you to find things that will be useful for you.

We are so fortunate that we teach in this technology age. We are able to access almost anything at our fingertips! So, why are we letting that information slip right through? There are also some amazing humans that allow us to view all of their material FOR FREE!! There are also some websites set up where teachers are able to make a little extra cash for projects that they have created themselves. Secretly I want to get paid for my work, but I only want to use things that don’t cost me a dime!

Thankfully, we are all able to communicate and as I was told my first year of teaching, “BORROW!” I was amazed when I attended a summer institute for AP Calculus and was given a USB drive with all of the instructors materials, lesson plans, and notes. This USB will be used every day over this next year and will never leave my possession! We have already discussed the ALEX website where we can find some lesson plans and activities already completed for us. We know that this is a blessing for new teachers.

##What to do: I want you to spend some time looking for other websites, blogs, or collections where you are able to borrow (legally) the material from a kind stranger. The material you find should be in your content area obviously. You should be able to find 5 different places that you can access material in your content area. You should add at least 3 of them to your bookmarks on your computer.

##Proof of Completion:

  1. Give a short narrative of how you found your 5 websites.
  2. The URLs for each of these websites.
  3. A screenshot of the bookmarks you saved.
  4. A description/explanation of your favorite find during this quest.
  5. Tag with #sharing-is-caring