Teacher Interviews


Teacher Interview


You are to make a video of yourself interviewing a teacher of your choice. This person should be a currently practicing K12 teacher. After the interview, you will edit your interview to the parts that you found most interesting or compelling. Your edited video should be between 4 and 7 minutes.

Start Planning Now

This is a big project. You will not accomplish it in just one day. You should practice with the technology before the Interview. You do not want to get to the interview and find that you forgot something or your battery is dead. You do not want to return home and find out that you did not actually record the interview.

Interview Topics

Your interview should cover two or more of these themes:

  • Teaching today
  • Using technology as a tool in a classroom;
  • Project based or project-centered learning
  • The use of ALEX or the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) as a component of lesson and instructional planning; (In my limited sample, I have yet to find a practicing teacher who uses ALEX; there must be some. Find them!)
  • A current topic of interest to educators that you found from your reading (e.g., the future of education, digital learning identity, the use of digital tools in the classroom, being a teacher in a digital age).

Question suggestions:

  • Why did you become a teacher?
  • What are your most important learning goals for your students?
  • What did you learn on the job that you wish you had learned before?
  • How do the standards affect your work and planning?
  • What suggestions would you offer prospective teachers to help them best prepare for their first year of teaching?
  • How do you use educational technologies in your classroom?
  • How do you prepare instructional materials?
  • How do you access student learning?
  • How do you maintain student records?
  • How do you communicate with parents?
  • Is there a question that I should have though to ask?

Things to remember

Unless you plan to use multiple cameras and lots of editing, it is best that you and the interviewee both be in the frame. You can do this by using a camera on a computer or tripod where both of you are in front of the video recorder.

Make sure that you know how to get good sound from your microphone and consider getting an external microphone. Recording the audio on your phone and adding it to the video is one way to get better audio. Before the interview, you should do a test to make sure that you get the best audio possible.

If being in the same room with your teacher is not possible, you can also use Google + Hangout, FaceTime, or Skype with a screen recorder to record your interview.

You may want to provide the Interviewee with a copy your interview questions before the interview.

Offer to provide the Teacher with a copy of your edited and completed video Interview.

Make sure that you ask whether it is OK to post your interview on your blog or YouTube.

What to do

Your edited and completed video must contain the following:

  • a title screen
  • the interview
  • a credits screen listing all of the participants, their titles, and their role in the video (including you), and a screen stating that the video was done as an assignment for the EDM 310 course at the University of South Alabama.

Compress your video to an .mp4 file.

Put your video on Google Drive or YouTube.

Post on your blog your video (embedded so that it will play there) and complete set of questions