Techy Tools of the Trade in Elementary - take 2

Continuing the discussion from Blogging Your Way Through the Course:

For my final EDM 510 blog post, I decided to write about what I have learned from this course that I will be using in my 1st grade classroom this school year. I hope this is ok @pfaffman if I veer from the norm, and just use our EDM 510 syllabus as my “interesting article”!

I wondered in the beginning how much of what we learned I would actually be able to use in my classroom of early childhood students. But I’m thrilled to say that I’m walking away with so many handy tech tools in my pocket to use in my instruction. I wanted to share a few of the tools that I will put to use in my classroom this year. (I realize that these were not new to many of you, as they were to me, but perhaps some never visualized how to use them in an early childhood classroom.)

Check out my picks for early childhood tech here on my blog.

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