The art of public sharing


Continuing the discussion from Post a PDF on or google drive with a public URL:

You want to say “I can:”

put a document on the web for anyone to see and provide a URL for people to get to it.

Why this Quest?

A key skill with computers and in this course is to be able to put a document somewhere that people can find it.

  1. Create a document that contains your name (or pseudonym) and the date that you accomplish this. (You can be more creative if you like.)

  2. Make it into a PDF

  3. Put it on Google drive (Click the icon with the 9 little squares in Gmail or Jagmail) and/or (you’re on your own). You really want to know how to use both. They each have advantages.

  4. Get a link to your document that does not require the person using the link to log in. (A common mistake is to get a URL that works only for you, or only people who are logged in, or only people from USA.) You can check your URL by opening an incognito window in Chrome and pasting the URL there).

If you have trouble with the assignment, you can read what other people did to get ideas for what to do. You can also post a "Help!" request and see if someone can help you figure out what you are doing wrong.

Turn it in

  1. Click “reply as linked topic”
  2. Choose the category that has “answers” and your course name in it.
  3. Start the subject with “Success:”
  4. Include “success” as a tag
  5. Copy the URL of your post and paste it into the Sakai assignment that sent you here.

If you did not already know how to do any step of this process, include in your response how you figured it out. Be specific. Do not say that you “used google” say what search terms you used; include search terms that you tried that were not helpful. Did you read someone’s post to figure it out? If so, you should say so in your reply like “Thanks @pfaffman” (and be sure that you “liked” and "bookmarked" their post that helped you).

If you read someone’s topic that begins with “Success” and it includes a link to a PDF with their username and a date, click the heart to “like” their post. (Liking posts is part of how Discourses measures trust in a user.) If a reply says “Success,” but is not one, click the flag icon and click the “something else” button. This will notify me and the poster that they did something wrong (probably by mistake). They will not know who flagged it.