The Final Countdown



Continuing the discussion from The Fruits of Your Labor: EDM510 Summer 2016 Final Project!:

For my final project I created nine different digital tools to use in my classroom. I chose this as my final project because I wanted to create something I could use in my classroom once I graduate. I created virtual lessons using various editing software. I created a VoiceThread and two ThingLinks to coincide with lessons. I also created two videos about classroom procedures using PowToons and a teacher introduction using Movie Maker.

I learned through this process that creating interactive and virtual lessons is HARD and time consuming, but I think it is worth it. I also learned that I hate Microsoft Movie Maker :angry: because it is not very user friendly, but I love PowToons :heart: because it is user friendly!

There are links to every one of the videos I created [on my blog] ( I explain in my blog post how I will use each of these videos and what software/tools I used to create them.

Hope you enjoy!


I love the movies! I especially liked the butterflies :smiley: I think your kids are gonna love the products you made


This looks great!

It’s not clear that it’s fair to compare Powtunes and Microsoft Movie Maker, as they do very different things! I’d argue that their "user-friendliness has more to do with the metaphors of Movie Maker being less familiar than powtunes. I don’t think that you could have made your awesome intro video with Powtunes!