Threading the posts


Is there a way to thread so that I don’t see all the posts and replies listed individually, but instead only see the main replies along with the replies TO those replies? Maybe not.


You just want level 1 and 2 posts? No, I don’t think you can have that. You can, for example, click and get just one user’s posts, and have it summarize, but there’s not much use case for “I don’t care what people say if they didn’t reply to the conversation I started.” :slight_smile:


So I think that what I need, then, is everyone to start their own thread - it’s much too difficult to read through everyone’s posts AND sort out the replies - especially since the replies appear twice - below the post they are replying to AND on their own. It’s too much to wade through. I don’t need one user’s posts, I need to see all the replies to that person’s posts, threaded.


Okay, I changed the settings in the discussion category so that everyone can create/read/reply, so now I thought people should be able to “reply as linked topic” or whatever it’s called, but all I can see in the student view is this weird new graphic thing on the right, without the pop up option to reply as new topic. Is that because people have already started replying to it?


Um, okay, it’s not saving the category security settings - for the discussion category it won’t change, it keeps reverting to this, which I guess is fine but should give the option to “reply as linked topic” but doesn’t seem to. I wonder if the latest upgrade I did to Discourse today has messed some things up:


The upgrade made that new slider thingy on the right happen. I’m not sure what happened to the reply-as-linked-topic link. I was watching that discussion and don’t know what happened with that.

You have to remember to click the save button at the bottom of the edit categories page to get the permissions to save. It seems like that happens when you click those buttons, but you have to click the save at the bottom.


Yeah, sometimes I forget that - but it’s locked out at this point - nothing sticks. I think it may be related to the upgrade that made the reply-as-new-topic option disappear.


Okay - it’s fixed and now it’s sticking but I swear it wasn’t earlier today. Sigh.