Tools and Techniques for Creating Classes


Creating Groups

Go to admin/groups and click on the group for your course (click the + New button to create it if you have not already done so).

Easy: Send invites from Bulk add to group

Click the Bulk Add to Group tab and paste in student email addresses, one per line.

Powerful: Send invites from a Bulk add file

A more rubust way to add users is by preparing a CSV file (e.g., created with a spreadsheet). This allows you to assign users to multiple groups and to redirect them to a particular page once they log in.

See Sending Bulk User Invites for a full description, but briefly you want to format the file like this:,group1,123,group1;class2,123

123 should be replaced by the topicID of the page you want them directed to (e.g., the syllabus). The TopicID is the number at the end of the URL.

What happens Next?

In the case of the Bulk Add File solution, people will receive an email that looks like this:

The “Syllabus” lines taken from the message you direct them to and an excerpt from it. You can edit what this looks like by visiting https://YOUR_SITE/admin/customize/email_templates/invite_mailer (or you can follow that path by clicking through admin and so on).

The user is logged in immediately. They can change their username, email address, and password if they wish. It might be preferable to create a “Welcome to the site” page to use as the landing page here.

How best to invite students to sign up

I’m going to need help with this - how about on Thursday?


There’s no button for me to upload a file. Maybe I am in the wrong place.

I also don’t know which fields I am supposed to be modifying because I do not understand all these symbols: