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@JMcDaniel had these things to say about getting started with Scalar Logo . @pfaffman thinks that this will be helpful to others. After @pfaffman suggested a bunch of times that this would be helpful to others, @JMcDaniel said:

So, @pfaffman created this topic and (I think) will move those messages here, and (I think) will make it look like she started the topic. We’ll see how that goes. (It worked!)


OK, so maybe I’m being too hard on myself, but…I am working on Scalar and going through the Quickstart hasn’t been as easy as I thought it should be. Did I download the wrong on? Here is what my dashboard looks like… Because compared to my dashboard and the Quickstart guide they aren’t really relating. Also when I insert content into the book and it previews on a page, when I click to Back to Book, NOTHING comes up but a white page that says click to edit. When I add a page to the book from the book itself, it is added to the page on the dashboard, but its not there when I try to go to the book itself. And last but not least, when I type in this comes up… I’m sorry for being a pain! Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Jennifer McDaniel @JMcDaniel


Well, darn.

The truth is that though Scalar looks pretty awesome, I haven’t used it much at all.

It could be that this is a Bad Idea, but we’ll see.

I’m sure that other folks will find your questions helpful, so you are welcome to move this conversation to #isd581:isd581-help if you’re comfortable.

Oh. Now I see. Something is just broken with your Scalar install on your site.

It looks like it’s not installed at all. Perhaps you created the subdomain but didn’t install Scalar there?

Their online/chat help is really pretty good. You might go back to the installatron and make sure you got Scalar installed.

Client area/cpanel/web applications. You might have to click on “installatron Applications installer” to make those things show up. There’s some bug that makes it only sometimes show you the applications without clicking on that thing.

Give that a shot and see if this helps.

Thanks for being the brave guinea pig!


so I uninstalled it and am starting over…so we shall see if it’s any better!! To be continued!!!


Looks like you’re getting somewhere!


I am but…I have uploaded the media into pages and then when I try to go back to the dashboard and then returning to book there is nothing there. Here is a pic of the media that was uploaded on pages but now there are no pages???

And here I though I was on a role.


Please post stuff in #isd581:isd581-help! You’re not going to be the only one!

If you have added media, then you can click the “EDIT” Button at the bottom, type a word, highlight it and click the blue button that adds media to the page.

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So I added page from the page tag on the dashboard… Filled out all the necessary information prior to adding a video. Here is the pic of the video on the page.

When I click edit this is what I get…

Then when I go back to the dashboard and see if it’s on the pages its not there. I will add all this when I can get it figured out…if ever…:laughing:


LOL… I have pages on my dashboard because I had to add media to the page in order to annotate it, which I find weird that there isn’t any other way to add an annotation?? Or I haven’t found one yet anyway. I figured since I had pages showing on the dashboard that I would go ahead and type in my web address to see if the pages were there…and go figure…NOTHING shows up. So I have to walk away and will try again later… And any suggestions on the easiest way to get all this to the help area of the class??

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ok @pfaffman I though I was on a roll. But after two days of working through (ok, suffering through the QuickStart) and sending you tons of questions…Here is where my scalar book stands. There are pages on my dashboard.

But NOTHING still on the book itself…

Any ideas???


Here is some random flailing. I don’t know whether it’ll help.

Click “load the full index”

Click “6 pages”

You can start to see that you have created something.

I created a category and added some random stuff to it.

Perhaps the next thing to do would be to add some more pages to the path that you created.

I hope this helps.

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But this is all Scalar 1 stuff.