Video Introductions to Parents and Students


In this challenge you will create two videos, no longer than 2 minutes each. In each video, you will play the role of yourself as the teacher.

These videos should be appropriate to include in your professional portfolio. The clothes that you wear and the background of your video should have a professional appearance.

Video One (“Introducing Mr./Ms. Jones”)

Create a video introduction for the parents of the children in your class. Introduce yourself. Tell them about your class, your teaching style, your expectations for their children as students in your class. Provide them with information about how they can learn/see/hear what their children are doing to learn. You may also want to explain how they can help.

Video Two (“The First Day of Class with Mr/s….”)

Create a video for your students to watch on your first day of class or see on the school web site before coming to your classs. Introduce yourself. Tell your students about the class. Explain to them what it is like to be a student in your class. In preparing to do this movie think about how you will engage your students. Explain that engagement process with this video.

Consider the following elements in creating this assignment:

  • Choose an appropriate setting and background for each of these videos.

  • Dress professionally as a component of each of your video presentations. For men, this probably means a tie. You should search for recommendations for how to dress from a source that you trust. For example, you might check out Top 10 Guide to Professional Dress for Student Teachers.

  • Your video should be shot from a fixed camera, that is you should use a tripod or a computer that is sitting on something that does not move.

  • The audio quality is important. There should be no distracting background noise. If you are far from the camera, consider using a remote mic, or recording the audio on your phone.

Required elements in your video submission:

Both of the edited and completed video productions should contain a title screen and any other information that you feel is relevant and related to the creation of the video.

You should plan to have these videos be part of your portfolio, so there is no reason to identify these videos as a course project.

What to do

  1. Create two individual video productions that will introduce you as a teacher to the parents and children in your school district as outlined above. (70 points)
  • Each video will be no longer than two (2) minutes.
  • You will be visible throughout each of these videos.
  1. Compress your videos as .mp4 files and share them on Google Drive. Though you can find ways to compress video in other places one good place to start is the USA Producing and Posting Video Content in USA Online page.

  2. Embed your videos on your blog as two separate posts (30 points). If you use, you will need to host your video on YouTube,, or some other supported platform.

  3. Reply-as-linked-topic telling us how you accomplished this work, what you wish you had known when you started, and post the URLs for your blog posts.

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