What to do week 2

I’m sorry that I just noticed that what to do this week is not entirely clear. I’m fixing that now (and will edit out this first part when I’ve got things up to date).

Here’s the plan:

  1. Update the edit this wiki page to include a link to your blog so that everyone can add everyone’s blogs to their feedreader. Some people have (mostly) completed that, but can’t really because there is no good place to find all of the URLs.
  1. Use your newfound remote library access skills to find at least two journals related to your field that are available through our library. As usual, reply-as-linked-topic in the “EDM510 Completions” category. Add a meaningful tag indicating your field.
  • What’s Happening in Your Field Using a combination of reading through the past 2-6 issues of each journal and searching with Google Scholar, find an article that you would like to blog about and write a 300-500 word piece about why that article is important to you and how it has changed your thinking or may change your practice. You’ll create a topic here as a completion and tag it with some tag related to your field so that others interested in your field will be encouraged to read it (it should also show up in their feed reader).

  • Reply to two people’s blogs (put links in the Be A Blogger assignment in Sakai).

  • NOT YET—Wiki assignment.

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