Wiki Completions


Part 1: Here is the link to my Wiki. Add additional math wikis to this page or add a new page with links to math resources.

Here are the Math Wikis I chose which are also listed on the wiki I started.

1.This first wiki is from the Department of Ed. in North Carolina It contains Resources for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools plus their state standards.

North Carolina Math Wiki

  1. More Math Resources, divided by age/grade and topic.

Math Wiki

  1. This is a list of math journals

Math Journals

Here is a link to an example of vandalism on Wikiapedia on a page about Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I don’t know that I would say that this is funny because I am an animal lover but must admit I’ve been the the circus a few times and having lived in Orlando for many years I have been to Sea World more than a few times.

Part 2: Kat discussed out group wiki.

I was the primary author on the Reich paper so here is the link to that page.

Interesting assignment. I learned a lot about wikis. I think that students would find this a fun way to collaborate on projects.