Wordpress Basic Not So Basic








THEME: Faith, Family, Career and Service


You’ve missed a few points on this challenge.

Most obviously, your link doesn’t work for anyone but you. You can check that by opening your link in a chrome incognito window. You should check out how that works.

I tried to be clear that this challenge was about configuring your own Wordpress.org site that you created in the domain of one’s own challenge.


This challenge should be on task now. I enjoyed the rework of building my blog and look forward to doing more with it.


This is looking great, @chendrix! You’re still missing a few things, though.

You can remove wordpress.com link from your original post, unless there is something there that we need to see.

You haven’t created or linked to two categories.

You haven’t mentioned a theme or plugin.

What’s with the ALL CAPS MESSAGE? That comes across as yelling, or worse.

Please re-read Wordpress Basics more carefully, edit your topic, and reply to let us know to look again.


Hi Dr. Pfaffman, corrections for this request were made…